Monday, January 10, 2011

National Championship game blog

Here is a running blog during tonights national championship between Oregon and Auburn.

I really don't have a rooting interest in this one, but I think Oregon will win this 37-35. Also, The uniforms are not as bad as they could have been.

Wow, I don't think I have seen that stat before about Newton. 19-of-19 passing on opening drives this season. That is pretty impressive.And then he throws an incomplete pass. Of course.

11:44 1st -  Maybe the upset of the night. Both teams are scoreless after their opening drives. After watching all the buildup, they would have you believe this would be at least a 14-7 game after five minutes of play.

9:19 1st - First turnover of the game is a tipped INT. Sloppy start so far. This is why 5 weeks is a long time to wait and play a championship game.

I'll be curios to see how Cam Newton does tonight.

And there is my answer. That was not a good throw and Oregon has it right back.

7:38 1st - ready to see that explosive Oregon offense. Something needs to get this game going. We have played nearly 10 minutes with no points. And another pick by Auburn. Bad pass, but a great pick. not one you would expect to see caught.

4:29 1st - We are in danger of having a scoreless first quarter. Could have had a lot of takers if I wanted to bet that was going to happen about two hours ago.

00:48 1st - We might get points. This is what we have been expecting from the Oregon offense. Well not this quarter it doesn't look like.

Auburn 0, Oregon 0 - End of First

Well I don't think anyone saw this coming. They have called this a defensive battle early on, but it is more of sloppy play by the offense. Mark May said Oregon will NOT be slowed down because of the time off. I should have known right then they would struggle early. Mainly because Mark May is ALWAYS wrong. It once again amazes me he continues to draw a check from ESPN.

14:53 2nd - Is anyone planning to block Auburn tonight??? Surely they saw 90 once or twice on film making plays this season.

13:01 2nd - This is looking for like what we expect to see from a Heisman Trophy winner. Newton is making some plays right now.

12:09 2nd - and the first review of the night. Hell of a catch, but I think they will rule it incomplete. Just a bit of a bobble there at the end. But a great effort. It is incomplete and Auburn goes right for it and scores. No one had Burns on that. WOW. He was wide open. Auburn 7, Oregon 3

11:55 2nd - There is the explosiveness. How did he not score? Now we have a game. As much momentum as Oregon can get from that big play, they can give it right back if they cant get in the end zone here.

That was a great play by Oregon on the Touchdown. And it a FAKE!!!. They faked the PAT and got two points. WOW. What a call. And it is a rare 11-7 lead for Oregon.

9:34 2nd - I think it was important for Auburn to not give the b all right back to Oregon. Even if they don't get points out of this, they are eating a little clock and letting the momentum of that offensive series continue.

5:34 2nd - Did we really need Musberger to explain the Cam Newton situation? As if this story hasn't been told over the last few weeks.

3:54 2nd - Auburn goes on fourth down and it was there for them. The strong armed Heisman winner leaves it short. Unbelievable. It is still early in the game. Take the points. Now Oregon has a chance to seize control here before the half.

3:26 2nd - SAFETY! again, the Tiger line gets in the backfield and this time it results in two points. 11-9 Oregon. 

Auburn now has a chance here at the end of the half. Good field position and some time to work with. Also two timeouts. No need to rush anything here.

2:16 2nd - Auburn now starting to use their size and strength. And it is a touchdown for the Tigers. ANother receiver wide open in the Oregon secondary. There was a little bit of pressure on Newton, but he was easily able to shake it off and find the open receiver. Auburn 16, Oregon 11

1:26 2nd - I don't think Oregon is concerned about the clock here. Already across midfield and the still have three timeouts. Just saw the replay of the penalty, he is luck to still be on the field and not have gotten his marching orders for that. WOW.

It was big for Auburn to get the stop after that and not allow the penalty to cost them points.

00:13 2nd - I really thought Auburn would just take a knee and run out the half. Surprised to see them take a shot at this, but they might actually get points out of it. But the Hail Mary hits the ground and that will do it for the half.

Auburn 16, Oregon 11 - Half

That was an entertaining second quarter. We saw three touchdowns, a safety and a fake PAT for a two-point conversion. The game is there for the taking right now.

I am surprised to see so many people slipping out there tonight. For a championship game, you would expect better field conditions. It hasn't affected play greatly yet, but you just have to feel it is a matter of time before someone goes down on a big play.

I think Cam Newton is holding his own so far. He has really put some throws on the money and they are picking up yards through the air in big chunks at a time. Also, he has time to throw which has been big. On the other side, Oregon has not done a very good job protecting. They have got to keep the blue jerseys out of the back field.

Watching Saban and Meyer at the half and it looks like Meyer is actaully keeping notes. He has his pen in his hand and several yellow note pad sheets in front of him. Saban doens't look like he has touched the note pad in front of him. And why are there two SEC guys on the desk? Rick Neuheisel wasn't available? Come one ESPN, I know you have a lot invested in the SEC, but let's see both conferences represented.

13:54 3rd - Once again, another player is on the turn. You just can help but think the long layoff is contributing to this. I laugh when defendants of this format defend the break off and try to act like these teams and coaches are too good to let the time off affect them.

12:48 3rd - Newton playing like the best football player in college. Another great throw right on the money. Not so much on that third down pass. Was he throwing it away? That was real high. Victory for the Ducks holding to a field goal. 19-11 Auburn.

Oregon really needs to get things going. Outside of the 81-yard pass, they really haven't done much on offense this game. It is important for them to respond with points, and I think they really need a touchdown.

11:11 3rd - What a stupid play by Fairley. Right in front of the official at that after you have already been accused of being dirty. Stupid. Stupid. And two plays later Fairley is UNBLOCKED AGAIN! Have they not watched film? Auburn lucky to have not given up points on that drive.

6:25 3rd - It was there! New just put a little too much on it. That would have been 6 easy. Now Auburn will have to punt. Once again, Oregon really needs to do something with this drive.

5:07 3rd - That might have been the most panicky fake punt I have ever seen. What a call.

And what a catch on the next play. Oregon has it going their way again. Can they finish?

2:30 3rd - WOW. They don't finish it off. Both coaches go for it on fourth on the goal line and they both come up empty. That could be a big blow for the Ducks. Have to get something there.

If Auburn can put something together here, they can maybe put this game away. Oregon lost all momentum off the fake punt.

Auburn 19, Oregon 11 - End of 3rd

Auburn might want to look at shortening this game now. Eat some clock and put points on the board in the process. Make this a two possession game and put it on your defense. They has stood up to the challenge so far tonight.

12:15 4th - Just when it looked like the Ducks were done on that drive, Thomas delivers a huge strike for a first down. Now they have something going.But once again, the Duck drive stalls. Time is beginning to run out.

After the second quarter, where 27 points were scored, I thought we were on our way to having the game everyone thought we were going to have. But just three points in the last 20 minutes of football. Game starting to loose a little luster.

10:06 4th - Was that not delay? I guess not and Newton picks up a huge first down on a 3rd and 12 scamper.

Another big third down conversion by Auburn. They are putting this game on the Heisman winner's shoulders and he is responding.

6:49 4th - 3rd and 12 - Can he do it again? Not this time, although that was close.

So Oregon will get the ball back here, and because of the decision to no kick the field goal following the fake punt, they are now in a position where they will have to now go for 2 following a touchdown.

6:21 4th - Oregon has to start doing something on first and second down. Can't keep relying on third down conversions.

4:54 4th - FUMBLE! Is this the break Oregon has been looking for? They do get the ball, but back it up 15 after a deadball penalty.

Another near pick for Auburn. They have had a few in their hands tonight. Thomas just have been off his spot all night. A big fourth down here. And a huge play. Oregon is now in striking distance.But once again, they are having trouble finding the end zone.

2:33 4th - TOUCHDOWN Ducks. Great little inside pitch. Now for two. And they GOT IT!. Throw back across the field and a great catch. We are tied at 19

That was not an easy grab on the conversion. Defender was right there. Now you have what you want. Two and a half to play, tie game, ball in the hands of the best player in college football.

1:56 4th - Heads up play by Dyer. He keeps going when everyone else stopped and picks up an additional 30 yards. But will they rule him down? NO! The play stands and Auburn is sitting pretty now.

00:10 4th - Unexpected. Auburn is setting up for the field goal and Dyer breaks loose and scores. Or does he? They are going to take a look at this. But at any rate, it is a chip shot from here.

It looks like they are going to put this on the foot of the kicker. Or are they. Newton heading out. A failed sneak by Newton will now set up a potential game-winner. This has not been the amount of point we were expecting, but certainly the close finish.

00:02 4th - Kick is up and good and Auburn wins the National Championship. No real suspense in the chippy.

Auburn 22, Oregon 19 - Final

That makes it five in a row for the SEC. Game was very sloppy and neither team looks poised to take it. Oregon one got the tying TD after a mistake by Cam Newton.

AP vote still to come. Do the voters dare to give the crown to TCU. I know I would like to see the Horned Frogs and Tigers square off.


Jeff said...

I like Oregons unis...

brianplacy said...

The whole rest of the world is tracking this game on twitter, but now I gotta open up a new browser window just to keep up with you. damn...

brianplacy said...

imagine the odds you would have gotten for a 0-0 first quarter prop bet in Vegas. Not that you would ever consider doing that...

Yak 21 said...

I still find the whole 140 character limit a bit communist.

brianplacy said...

didn't you learn anything from Tom Waddill? keep is short!

Yak 21 said...

I like it to be on my terms.

Yak 21 said...

Jeff - I think I like them as well.

brianplacy said...

Fewest mistakes in the second half will determine the winner. Thomas has to step his game up. Auburn looks like the Auburn I've seen all season — poised under pressure, playing with confidence and an attitude that says "we know we are going to win."

Yak 21 said...

It seems like they are just trading mistakes with each other right now. Who wants this game?

Jeff said...

I was promised 1000's of points. This is just sloppy.

Yak 21 said...

Jeff, I think we all feel cheated. But keep in mind it was ESPN promising the points. They just wanted everyone to watch their network. I always like how they don't cover games on the other nextworks the same.