Thursday, March 17, 2011

Twas the morning of the NCAA Tournament

Twas the morning of the NCAA Tournament and all through the land
The best days in sports are finally at hand

The brackets were hung around the house with care
In hopes of a Cinderella or two will appear

And mamas got her final Four, I have mine too
Should I be worried we have the same teams getting through?

The First Four has been played, so the field is now set
UTSA got in, are they thinking of pulling an upset?

The DVR is set. As the games are a must see
Does anyone know exactly how to find TruTV?

The experts are weighing in, giving locks and teams to watch
Yet when the show is over, they have the 1-seeds ruling March

I turn to CBS for a little pre tournament chatter
Hoping for some insight from Jay Bilas or Billy Packer

When what to my wondering eyes should appear
It was Charles Barkley, what’s he doing here?

He and Kenny Smith are Turner’s NBA gurus
What do they know of the Hoyas or the Purdues?

I’m a huge fan of Reggie Miller and he’s calling the Penn State game
But the last time he was in college the uniforms were pretty lame

The tournament will be seen on four different channels
Meaning I no longer will gripe because they are showing us the Vandals

So as the first tip draws near, let me leave you with my two cents:
May your upset bids come to fruition as we witness another year of shining moments