Tuesday, July 13, 2010

All-Star game blog

Once again, home field avantage in the World Series is on the line tonight, nd the National League is long overdue for a win. Also, since the Braves are four games up in the East, this game means a little something more to them tonight than it has in the past. And with five guys in Anaheim (four eligible to play) hopefully they will play a key part in the outcome. I really wish Jason Heyward was playing in this game, but I am glad he is thinking about the team first. Braves are going to need him healthy in the second half.

Top of the 1st - David Price looked good out of the gate. The American League has some good pitching tonight and is going to be tough to beat. I think the NL is going to have to pick up some early runs in this. The longer it goes, the worse.

Bottom of the 1st - Wow I am really getting into this. Big double play turned there. Needed to keep the AL off the board in the first.

Top of the 2nd - Second time Cano has bobbled a ball at second, this time it cost them a baserunner. A good double play to put a quick end to the inning. That was a good turn. But the hit means another year will go by without a no-hitter in the All-Star game.

Bottom of the 2nd - As a third baseman, Evan Longoria continues to be one of my favorite players to watch. he has such a good stroke. Need to leave him stranded, though. And the soft roller from one second baseman to another ends the second still scoreless.

Top of the 3rd - Hey Clemens, see what happens when someone comes out and says "I'm sorry. I made a mistake." Pettitte is pitching in the All-Star game.

Bottom of the 3rd - Maybe this is the year of the pitchers. The first four guys to throw tonight have been overpowering.

Bottom of the 4th - Great catch for Braun. That is what makes for a good pitching duel, when you have great plays on defense.

Top of the 5th -It is hard to root for a Met. If David Wright pays attention his is standing on third wqith no outs. And that would have been a run. Hopefully the NL can get on the board here. Two outs and McCann now in the game. Come on B-Mac, do it for home field in October. Ahhhh, I thought that might get out.

Bottom of the 5th - Evidently all Dodgers get to play here in the fifth. Did they say lefties are hitting .000 against this guy??? Amazing. Yet against a string of lefties, Kuo gives up the first run of the game. Leadoff walks will always kill you. 1-0. Hopefully they can get out of this with just the one run. Good play by Hanley for the second out.

Top of the 6th - Prado probably hitting his last atbat of the night. Glad he is an All-Star. Very deserving, just wish he would have gotten a hit. Can Prado be the NL MVP. If he wins the batting and the Braves make the playoffs, I hope he is in the mix.

Top of the 7th- Need to get something going here. Fortunately, the AL doesn't have Riveria in the bullpun tonight. The 9th won't be the slamdunk it has been in the past...A little something cooking here. Great hustle play by Rolen to get to third with just one out...Good to see Young is still in the same form he was in last night during HR Derby...Loaded up for B-Mac. Come on McCann. YESSSSSS! McCann coming through big. Love to see a Brave step up in the clutch. 3-1 NL

Bottom of the7th -  Now it is time to lock this thing down and notch a win for the NL. Come on Cards. Don't screw this up. Need a double play ball here. OK, two outs. Silence the home fans... There you go. Two innings left to play.

Top of the 8th - Infante needs to get in the game, either here or in the 9th. The ball is just dying tonight. There have been ome good looking balls of the bat that are not even making it to the track.

Top of the 9th - I blinked and missed the only Astro of the night to play.Byrd thinks everything Valverde is doing on the mound is funny.

Bottom of the 9th - Let's make this a quick one. 1-2-3 and get out of here ... Damn. Here we go... 6-4-3??? That ball has a little something extra behind it. Tough pitch to hit up in the eyes. Lets get a game ending double play. Big play by Byrd. Only Ortiz is going to get thrown out there. FINALLY!!!

It has been a ling time coming for the NL. I have to think the MVP would be McCann. It was his big hit that gave them the W.

That was a really good baseball game. The MLB All-Star game cntinues to be the best in sports. It is competitive and the players seem to care about the outcome. I am not a huge fan of home-field advantage being on the line, but the last few years, the game has been really fun to watch.


Anonymous said...

No don't change the pitcher yet...

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Yak 21 said...

I think Andrus saw Wright not take advantage of the overthrow and thought he wasn't going to make the same mistake. In a game like this, baserunning becomes crutial.

Anonymous said...

Now the naional league has got it going, just need a score, jack even better.

Anonymous said...

Bases loaded ,let jack now,foul was close

Anonymous said...

3-1 got to lowve...need rain out

Anonymous said...

stretch time......sing it kelly

Anonymous said...

Who's Kelly?

Yak 21 said...

I was wondering the same thing. Colby???

Anonymous said...

Only 3 more outs and bragging rights for the national league....dont blow it now.....what a name kelly colby,what a singer..whos buying 9th inning...lets go