Saturday, June 12, 2010

Chili Dogs and Fish and Chips

We have waited 188 days for this matchup. This is US vs. England. I'll be blogging my thoughts throughout the match.

I am hoping for a good showing for the US. It is not a must win for the US, but they HAVE to play well. There is no way the US can afford to go out and play bad in this game. And I promise I will lay off of Donavan today.

I am glad Martin Tyler is calling this game. He has a great voice and his delivery is spot on.

4th Minute
The concern for the US was the back line and they just got shreaded there. Not a good start at all. Have to settle down and recover from this.

9th minute
Have to do a better job holding posession. Only getting one or two touches before losing it. We aren't going to be able to put anything together like this.

12th minute
Posession looking a little better here. Working a few corners in. We just have to do something with it. Don't panic with the ball.

17th minute
I don't think we have to have a goal here in the first half, we have to have some pressure on offense.England is winning everything at the back line right now.

19th minute.
Jozy has to get that. You are not going to get that many scoring opportunities. It should be 1-1.

21st minute
England responds. Three good lokks at goal in just a matter of minutes. They are so good at getting back and having an answer to the US.

28th minute
Game has settled in a little bit now. A few nervy moments in the box.

30th minute
Howard being down is not a good sign. If he can't go our World Cup is over. I have no faith in Guzan Heskey went in studs up on Howard. Don't like that challenge at all.

33rd minute
Don't really like that shot by Altidore. Need him to step it up. I'd love to keep as little pressure on Howard as mush as we can for the last 12 or so minutes.

35th minute
Rooney has been quiet, which is scary, because you know he is going to get loose at some point. Of course, he could get frustraded, and he is not very good when he plays frustrated.

40th minute

It was a very soft goal but we will take it. Dempsey just puts a ball on target and the US gets something out of it. I was surprised to see Green in goal and he gave us one.

44th minute
Nothing cheap here late. Let's take a draw into the half.

Halftime tied at 1-1

Very fortunate to be tied at the half, but the US needs to take advantage of this. England is shaken right now no doubt. We need to come out and try to put on on the early. It will be interesting to see if Green comes back on the field for the second half. The goal was soft, but the US has momentum right now and they need to take advantage.

Start of second half
A second replacement for England. They only have one left. I wonder if that will come back to cost them.

50th minute
We have survived the first five minutes. That was big to get through that stretch.

52nd minute
Big save by Howard. That was a very good run by Heskey. A good opportunity for England stopped.

59th minute
England is getting frustraed and nervous. I have seen a red given on that challenge by Gerard before. Studs up on the knee.

61st minute
A good opportunity for the US on the free kick. England gets back so fast though. they are attacking less than 30 seconds after a US attempt on goal.

64th minute
What a great strong run by Jozy. Would have been a spectaular goal.

70th minute
20 minutes to play. Who is going to step up and make the big play? Someone can become a hero and forever be remembered.

74th minute
Good run by Robbie Findley, but two minutes later he picks up a card. We have racked up a few yellows this match.

76th minute
Two more big saves from Howard. Rooney starting to get involved in the match. England os starting to get some good chances in the box. Have to hold on. Buddle coming on now. I like this change.

82nd minute
THe chants of USA starting to ring a little over the sounds of the vuvuzelas

Final 1-1
This was a huge victory for the United States. They are going to carry confidence into the next two matches. England is a bit shaken. We can now look at taking the group and hopefully avoid Germany in the round of 16.

Tim Howard was huge today. He is no doubt the man of the match. It was a lucky goal no doubt, but Howard kept the US in this one. A few hug saves, especially late. After seeing him on the ground for a few minutes in the first half it was great to see him bounce back and play, not just solid, he was money.

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