Monday, March 10, 2008

Spring Kats

I am going to try and keep up with the Kats playing minor league/major league baseball as spring training progresses and then into the season.

Today is an item I found on Jordan Tata who is in the Tigers camp.

Tata has been struggling so far this season and last week, lost his temper after being pulled from a game against the Braves.

Tata, who struggled through his first three spring training outings, punched a wall with his pitching hand as he entered the locker room.
"I don't usually do things like that," Tata told the Detroit Free-Press. "The last three outings all came to a head at that moment. It was stupid. I wasn't thinking."

Tata will see a hand specialist and his return to the mound is uncertain.

This is unfortunate, because Tata is the best prospect in baseball that hails from Sam Houston. Dustin Martin, now in the Twins organization after a trade last season is expected to play AA ball this year, while Luke Prihoda will be starting his first full season on pro ball this year.

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