Thursday, January 24, 2008


I would like to welcome everyone to my new blog. I got this inspiration from a friend who just started his own. I am a former sports writer who is now working in college athletics. The blog is named the Bearkat Sports Forum, which was the same name as a Sam Houston State fan site I started about eight years ago (wow, doesn't seem that long ago) for

In 2002 I gave up control of the Bearkat Sports Forum and it later became While the name of the blog is Bearkat Sports Forum, this is really a general blog about my life as a sports fanatic.

I tend to take things a little serious at times when it comes to sports. Especially as it pertains to my Bearkats, Penn State, the Dallas Cowboys and the Atlanta Braves.

Let me give you some background on why these teams, since growing up in the Houston area, people expect me to be a fan of the "hometown" guys. When I was young and dumb that was the case. You will believe anything as a kid and I believed I was supposed to be a Houston Astros fan.

I was a member of the Astros Buddies and my favorite player was Jose Cruz. I loved spending nights in the bleachers with my dad and brother rooting for Glenn Davis, Jerry Mumphrey, Kevin Bass, Nolan Ryan, Mike Scott and of course Cruz.

In the summer of 1986 I kept a scrapbook with all of the 'Stros box scores and pictures from the Houston Post (I didn't read the Chronicle then and I still don't). For the playoffs we put together a special playoff edition which I still have somewhere. When the Mets won I was crushed.

When I turned 11 I started to learn the realities of pro sports. The Astros traded Davis. Nolan Ryan left for the Rangers. Worst of all, Cruz became a Yankee. All of a sudden, the Astros were no longer the team I rooted for. All of the guys I cared about were gone and someone by the name of Mizerock (or miserablerock as we called him) was behind the plate instead of Alan Ashby.

Then in the summer of 1988 my family got cable. I discovered TBS and the Atlanta Braves. They sucked back then just like the Astros, but it was finally something different to watch. They then changed their uniforms and in the summer of 1991 I got my first Braves hat. That year they went on to win the NL West and advance to the World Series. I was a freshman in high school and had no idea when they lost to the Twins in the World Series (a world series where it later came out the Twins cheated) that I was beginning a life long obsession.

The Cowboys is easy to explain. I was raised the right way in an Oiler-free home.

As for Penn State, I have family from Pennsylvania, and after taking a trip there in the mid-80's I became a fan of the Nittany Lions. A year later they won the National Championship over Miami in the Fiesta Bowl and I was hooked. I have seen them in person three times and they have won all three (once against Texas, twice against the Aggies.)

To a fault I live and die with these teams. I was told once that as I get older that would all subside and I would realize there are bigger things than sports.

Whoever told me that was dead wrong. I am 30 now and it is getting worse. With each meltdown I seem to be taking it to another level. I try to tell myself I am not going to take things as serious, but I can never seem to follow my own advice.

I recently destroyed some lawn furniture.

The first chair was completely on purpose. The second was kind of an accident. I am hoping maybe this new outlet for me will be a way to vent and let a little steam off from time-to-time. We shall see.


Anonymous said...

I think you're hot.

Anonymous said...

please tell me the deion sanders jersey is gone

Yak 21 said...

The Deion Jersey has gone into retirement. I wore ut from 1995-2006. The Romo jersey made its debut this season and worked out pretty good.

leftydad said...


I don't think you're hot.......but I'm glad you started a blog.

Be good,